Earn Staking Rewards!

Make the most of your "Proof Of Stake" crypto currencies, and stake them with our quality staking services. Our stake pools provide you with a reliable staking partner that delivers a great return on your stake(ROS). We strive to provide you with the best staking experience possible. Please select our Cardano stakepool, Tetonick - TTNK, and start getting your rewards today.

Incentivized Testnet

Our stake pool is part of the Cardano blockchain development phase called "Shelley". This phase is focused on the decentralization of the blockchain, and adds the important staking features outlined the the Ouroboros protocol. This is an early phase in the development of Cardano, but the rewards are very real.

If you haven't herd of the "Cardano Incentivized Test Net", you can find out more on their dedicated website:

Cardano Stake Pool - TTNK

Just like the adventurous prospectors of the old west, this stake pool will bring home the ADA.
  • Stake Pool Ticker Symbol: TTNK
  • ステークプールティッカーシンボル:TTNK
  • A Very Low Stake Pool Reward Fee: 7%
  • Stake Pool ID:

Important Note! This website and Cardano itself are under heavy development. Please use them at your own risk. If you need help, you should reach out to us or others in the Cardano ecosystem. It's important that you understand that there are scammers trying to steal your ADA. NO Cardano stake pools require you to give them your ADA to get rewards.